Fundraising in the digital world
What if everyone could make a small contribution to the solution every day at no cost?
We, the Good Impact Foundation, are excited about the power of purpose-driven internet search engines to raise funds for good causes. With our Digital Fundraising Program and the incubation of Gexsi – The internet search engine for a better world, we form part of the journey to change the way people use the internet. Gexsi is a search engine like Google, wrapped up in a social business model. With its profits, the company supports social innovators who contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

While there are multiple digital fundraising tools, from giving a tip or rounding-up online to SMS donations through your smartphone, impact-driven search engines like Gexsi are a particularly powerful tool to raise funds. First, we reach people where they are anyway – online. Secondly, our revenues are generated through existing ad networks, at no cost for the user, similar to Google. Besides, impact-driven search engines can monetize various affiliate marketing partnerships for a good cause, just like Amazon Smile. And thirdly, because of the extremely large potential user base, Gexsi has the power to inspire people – by using our search engine, they share the impact jointly achieved by the Gexsi community.

While more and more people set an example by making a deliberate choice to buy organic products, sign-up for a green energy provider or switch to an ethical bank, this does not hold true for the choice of the internet search engine. The market share of purpose-driven search engines remains insignificant. We believe that in a few years time a good proportion of people will opt for a search engine that fits their ethical perspectives. With Gexsi we seek to accelerate this process.